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Providing High-Quality OER Resources for Teaching and Learning Chemistry

OER Resources and Projects
From the Research Group of David Yaron

This website provides a plethora of resources including: virtual lab activities, tutorials and animations. 

The Open Learning Initiative (OLI) General Chemistry Courseware is a comprehensive resource that covers both semesters of General Chemistry and can be used as a textbook and/or online homework replacement.

These activities are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and use authentic scenarios to help students learn to reason like chemists. This content is geared toward high school students.

ORCCA (Open-Response Chemistry Cognitive Assistant) is an online intelligent tutoring system developed to support students as they formulate and complete calculations in introductory chemistry.

The AHA! Chemistry is a California Educational Learning Lab funded project. We are a group of 25+ education professionals involved in implementing the OLI General Chemistry courseware into classroom and also something about active learning. 

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